Winds of Change: Asia-Pacific Podcast

Welcome to the Winds of Change: Asia-Pacific podcast! We inspire positive change through conversations with people who are finding solutions and taking action in the Asia-Pacific to tackle climate change and sustainability issues.

In this podcast you can hear from experts from academia, industry and the community, as we discuss climate change and sustainability issues from scientific, business, policy, and community perspectives.

Join us as we embark on this journey together, navigating the Winds of Change!

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Winds of Change: Asia-Pacific
Listen to Winds of Change: Asia-Pacific on Spotify. Welcome to “Winds of Change: Asia-Pacific” podcast. Our mission is clear—to shed light on current research, solutions, and action stories from the Asia Pacific region around climate change and sustainability issues to inspire positive change. In t…

About the Winds of Change

Winds of Change are education programmes that unite postgraduate students from New Zealand and Chile, and New Zealand and China, to investigate common climate change issues and how sustainable development strategies can be created for the future. They are programmes of the Latin America and North Asia Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence, led by the University of Otago in close collaboration with academics. Find out more!


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Episode one: Marine environmental education with Dr. Carolina Zagal

Dr. Carolina Zagal from Oceanosfera Foundation in Chile shares her journey into marine environmental education, her motivations to create a foundation that delivers marine education for a "living ocean," and the importance of experiential learning and how it can create action.

Get inspired and empowered by this Winds of Change Episode and discover with us how Oceanosfera is creating change in Chile.