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The Context: Asia-Pacific is brought to you by Aotearoa New Zealand's Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence. We curate and report on research to help policy and industry leaders create a better future through engagement with the Asia-Pacific.  

Our stories deliver insights from New Zealand universities and our Asia-Pacific networks. Our writers include professional writers and talented tertiary students, who aim to give you clear and vivid insights in a context that is relevant to you.  

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About the Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence

The Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) collectively form a hub of intercultural expertise for New Zealanders to prepare for and find success in the diverse and vibrant Asia-Pacific region: North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America

Utilising university networks, and knowledge, the CAPEs deliver a range of innovative programmes, resources, and initiatives that enable New Zealanders to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Asia-Pacific, and build future-focused commercial, educational and cultural relationships in the region’s vital economies

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